BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software

Complete Collaboration Solutions


Corporate Collaboration Solution
Get everyone engaged by giving your entire organization the tools to collaborate in real time.

Corporate Intranet Solution
Work more efficiently, keep everyone up to date, and quickly give your staff the answers they need.
Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Solution
Consolidate your critical knowledge into a single, searchable, simple system that everyone can use.

Company Extranet
Stop relying on email and go-betweens to collaborate with your partners and vendors.

Here are a few more popular uses of BrainKeeper:

  • Customer service knowledgebases of common issues and resolutions
  • Inventory of skills and responsibilities
  • Knowledge repositories for comprehensive subject documentation

  • A complete set of corporate policies
  • A Best Practices library
  • Software development, product development, or research projects
  • Documentation of product information

  • Consulting or professional services projects
  • Complete marketing campaigns
  • Team, group and department collaboration
  • Development of strategic plans
  • Outsourcing or contract projects

  • Expert knowledge and expertise
  • Important news and perspectives
  • Key decisions and actions
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

See the Key Features that create these solutions.