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Knowledge Management

BrainKeeper helps you build a successful organization that captures, shares, and leverages key knowledge.

Knowledge loss related to employee turnover is one of the most significant problems facing organizations today. Use BrainKeeper to capture this knowledge, so when employees leave, you don't lose a step.

Critical information is scattered throughout an organization. It is trapped in email and on employee PCs, stored in disorganized shared drives, and hidden within many internal systems. BrainKeeper gives you one place to find everything.

Knowledge is only valuable if it is accurate, thorough, and relevant. By giving everyone in your organization the ability to contribute, you will be giving your organization a great resource to keep everyone up to date and on track.

Knowledge Management Solution

Knowledge Management with BrainKeeper

BrainKeeper is the leading enterprise wiki for any organization that needs to improve knowledge sharing. We give you all of the essential features that you need to capture, collaborate, and distribute key information- in a single system.

Since BrainKeeper is hosted for you, there is no installation, no configuration, and no setup. You can have a knowledge management tool available to your organization within minutes.

Share your knowledge with essential business features:


BrainKeeper is so easy to use, everyone will be asking to use it. You might be surprised how quickly knowledge builds within your wiki to become a single, searchable, structured knowledgebase.

Email is not a collaboration tool. Stop using email and get everyone involved in the conversation with a Forum, Blog, or Wiki. When you get everyone engaged, ideas come to live, and any questions will be answered by those who know the answer- not the ones who think they do.

Collaboration Example: Your competitor announces a new offering. A customer service rep notices the article, and creates a blog post. Product Management reads the post and creates a wiki page to collaborate on a strategy to address the threat. Marketing, Development, Operations, and Product Management work on a strategy in real time for quick decisions and execution.

BrainKeeper provides simple, secure editing where multiple contributors can easily work together. Pages are locked during editing and versions are tracked automatically, so you have an audit trail of everything in your wiki.

Intuitive design and interface

97% of our subscribers require no training to be successful with BrainKeeper- it's that easy. We have optimized our enterprise wiki for common business tasks, so BrainKeeper becomes a natural extension of your everyday work.

Editing a page is as easy as writing an email. Anyone can contribute by commenting, adding an image, or linking to related information. BrainKeeper breaks down all barriers to sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas.

Stay Informed

With email, everyone else gets to decide what is important to you. Instead, use BrainKeeper alerts to be notified when someone contributes to a Page, Blog, or Forum you care about. You can even track your favorite authors.

You choose how to stay up to date on the topics that matter to you most: traditional email, or through our secure RSS feeds.

Search: find exactly what you need- fast

Everything in your knowledgebase is searchable, which includes content within Wiki Pages, Blogs, Forums, and contact profiles. If it's in BrainKeeper, you can search for it, and you can find it- fast.

Our search engine will even look inside the attached files within your knowledgebase: so if the information you are looking for is buried deep inside an attached PDF, BrainKeeper will find it for you.

Search the contents of:
  • Word, PDF and RTF documents (including new MS Office 2007 files)
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Most other text-based files

Learn more about searching your knowledgebase

The Benefits of a Hosted Wiki

» Immediate Setup
Want to start using your wiki now? No problem- we can have it ready in minutes.

» Anytime, Anywhere Access
All features are online enabled, so you can access your system at any time from anywhere there is a connection to the internet.

» NO Dependance on Your IT Department
Everything from security to uptime to technical support is taken care of by the BrainKeeper team, so you can use our service worry-free.

» No Up-front Costs or Long Term Commitments
Our pay-as-you-go model ensures that you pay only if we provide value to you and your organization every single month.

» New Features in Weeks, Not Years
We pay close attention to the suggestions of our clients, and when a requested feature is complete, we release it.

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