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Why use BrainKeeper for your Intranet?

Intranets contain your organization's most valuable information. The problem is people don't use them! Adoption is key to the value of any Intranet, and BrainKeeper offers benefits that ensure people will want to use your Intranet:

  • Searching is simple
  • Contributing new and updated content is easy
  • Bottlenecking disappears so content is always current
  • Information sharing is effortless

Corporate Intranet Solution

A living Intranet

BrainKeeper is the leading enterprise wiki for any organization that needs an Intranet to store and share information. We give you the essential features that you need to create workspaces, share documents, develop ideas, collaborate to make decisions, and get answers to your most critical questions.

Powerful Features that are Easy to Use

Wiki Pages can be created in seconds, and edited even quicker. Contributing to a page is as easy as writing an email, but you can also copy and paste from Word, and link to content with a few clicks.

Blogs and Forums give you the opportunity to engage your organization and get feedback from everyone. Email integration and update alerts provide powerful compliments to our core collaboration features.

Attach documents and other files in a completely organized Workspace with other related information. Use tags and custom search fields to easily classify and find your knowledge.

Permissions, content approval workflow, and personalization are all easy to use, but give you the control you need to manage your intranet.

Quickly Find Anything You Need

If you cannot find the information stored in your intranet, it might as well not exist. That is why everything in BrainKeeper is searchable. You can also browse through a Workspace hierarchy, just like folders and files on your PC.

Instantly Available to Everyone

Critical information often has a single owner, or "gatekeeper", who has the responsibility to keep everything up to date. Give your entire organization the tools and the capability to manage the knowledge that they have.

Simply create or edit a wiki page, and instantly, your information is shared with everyone in your organization.

Secure Workspaces

Many departments in an organization require a secure Workspace in which to put sensitive materials, or content that is 'in-process'. In BrainKeeper, permissions are easy to assign, so that you decide who has access and who does not.

BrainKeeper subscribers are already using our secure wiki for mission-critical information. We have organizations using BrainKeeper to:

  • Managing the design of pre-patent products
  • Collaborate on a complete go-to-market strategy
  • Store highly secure access credentials to third party systems
  • Create a repository of customer names and portfolios

Learn more about Permissions and Security in BrainKeeper.

Leverage the Combined Knowledge of your Staff

Everyone in your wiki has a Personal Profile that can be used to capture past work history, project experience, and core skills. Use the staff directory or search for the people who can help answer questions and give insights.

Each person can have their own Blog as well, which you can use to learn more about the people you work with.

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