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Enterprise Collaboration

Why use BrainKeeper for collaboration?

Everyone has something to contribute. Engage your entire organization and make your collective knowledge available to anyone, right when they need it.

Never let anything slip through the cracks again. Keep your team well informed with relevant, accurate, thorough information.

Keep your competitive edge by making better decisions, faster.

Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration with BrainKeeper

The leading enterprise wiki, BrainKeeper improves your team collaboration by giving them the essential features needed to create workspaces, share knowledge, develop ideas, keep everyone up to date, and get answers to your most critical questions.

BrainKeeper helps you engage your entire organization to work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Collaborate easily with these powerful features and benefits:

Ease of use

97% of our subscribers require no training to be successful with BrainKeeper- it's that easy. We have optimized our enterprise wiki for common business tasks, so BrainKeeper becomes a natural extension of your everyday work.

Editing a page is as easy as writing an email, and anyone can contribute by commenting, adding an image, or linking to related information. BrainKeeper breaks down all barriers to sharing knowledge, experience, and ideas.

Real-Time collaboration

Email is not a collaboration tool. Get everyone involved in the conversation by creating a new thread in a forum, or post and comment on an important web article with a blog. BrainKeeper's wiki provides simple, secure editing where multiple contributors can easily work together. Pages are locked during editing and versions are tracked automatically, so you have the peace of mind that you have an audit trail of everything in your wiki.

When you get everyone engaged, you will be amazed how much more insightful your ideas become. Your questions will be answered by the people who know the answer- not the ones who think they do.

Collaboration Example: Your competitor announces a new offering. A customer service rep notices the article and creates a blog post. Product management sees the post and creates a wiki page to collaborate on a strategy to address the threat. Marketing, development, operations, and product management teams work on a strategy through BrainKeeeper's wiki that is then immediately available for executive approval.

Enterprise security

You can make your content as open or secure as you would like with BrainKeeper permissions. By creating groups for employees, partners, and clients, making content secure is quick and easy.

More and more organizations are putting their trust in hosted applications to store and manage their most sensitive information. BrainKeeper employs a number of security methods to ensure your information stays safe.

Security Example: You invite a client to a workspace to monitor progress on a project, where your content is secure. Only company employees can edit the content in the workspace, but your client can review information and provide feedback by adding comments.

Enhanced collaboration with blogs and forums

Much better than an email blast, blogs help you make the right decisions. Use them to distribute information, communicate status, and present ideas to your organization. Use the feedback to organize your plans, keep everyone on the same page, and refine your ideas.

Forums get your organization engaged in important topics and help you answer questions quickly. Everyone is given a voice, and you will never get lost in a conversation again. Within those conversations, the correct answers to your most critical questions are highlighted for everyone to see.

Increased Accuracy, Completeness, and Relevancy

The only thing worse than not having an answer is having the wrong answer. When everyone has the tools and responsibility to maintain their expertise, you ensure accuracy and relevance. Everyone can contribute, so all content will be complete and thorough.

Experts can exist anywhere in your organization. You may have many experts, and through wiki collaboration, you can have the perspective of them all.

Collaboration Example: Why send Van Gogh an email asking about the best brand of paint if you also work with Da Vinci and Monet? Opening the discussion to everyone in your organization will give you a better answer every time.

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