BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software


Powerful Workspace Software with a Wiki

Some workspaces require a greater degree of oversight to ensure that your content remains correct and relevant. Our simple yet powerful workflow software gives you the control you need.

Easy Administration

You can enable our workflow software for any workspace or blog that you create. This ensures that any changes made to that content cannot be published without your permission.

Integrated Workflow Voting

Easy to Use Workflow Software

Configuring workflow on is as simple as clicking a checkbox in the workspace settings.

Changes in a workflow-enabled workspace can be accepted in one of two ways:

1. Workflow Notification Emails

You can configure our workflow software to email you the changes that have been made in your workspace or blog. We show you the changes that have been made, and you can approve or reject the changes right in the email!

2. Within BrainKeeper

On your My Workflow Dashboard, one of the sections is a listing of changes in your workspaces and blogs that need to be approved. Simply review the changes and accept or reject them- the system takes care of the rest.

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