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BrainKeeper Wiki Software

If you can write an email, you can use our wiki software. The tools are the same familiar controls that you are already used to. The BrainKeeper content editor is incredibly easy to use and gives you the power to add, modify and delete anything you need in your wiki.

Anyone Can Contribute

Our editor comes with a spell checker, the ability to edit in HTML mode, image editing, shared templates, and our innovative Content Tagging. We also support advanced formatting capabilities, tables, links, and the ability to create new pages within BrainKeeper as you edit a page. We simply have the most powerful editor of any wiki software.

We automatically lock pages for editing, so there can be no conflicts when two people try to edit the same page at the same time- which solves a major problem of traditional wiki software.

Intuitive Editing

Pages are the Foundation

Pages store the content that provides the value of our wiki software. You can create a page in seconds, and type in whatever information you would like. In a matter of minutes, you can have the foundation for an entire workspace.

  • Attachments - Quickly and easily attach files (spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) and images (diagrams, charts, etc.) to any Page in any Workspace.
  • Notes - Anyone can add notes to a Page, which gives everyone a chance to comment or contribute to Pages without having to change existing content.
  • Structure - Pages are structured in a hierarchy to ensure organization and quick access. Each page can any number of sub-pages, which form a tree of pages just like what you see on your computer.
  • Tagging - Every page can be tagged to classify the content as it relates to you. In addition, you can tag specific text within a page. Learn more about how our tagging implementation is unique among wiki software.
  • Export to PDF - Creating official documents is easy with our one-click PDF converter that will make a PDF document out of any Page in your wiki.
  • Email Integration - You can create a new Page directly from your email! Just forward or CC an email to the address assigned to the Workspace, and BrainKeeper does the rest. You can build a Workspace in minutes.

Wiki Software That Tells You: Who did What, When?

The Pages in BrainKeeper's wiki software can be as secure as you want them to be, and you can always see what changes were made, who made them, and when they were made.

Every Page stores its own history that can be accessed at any time, where you can compare versions and restore any previous version of a Page with just a few clicks in the wiki.