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Our Enterprise Wiki Product, Now with Tagging

Unlike other enterprise wiki products, BrainKeeper uses social networking features to help organize content, which makes information easier to find. Tagging is one of our more powerful social networking features.

The Power of Tags

Much of the content in your enterprise wiki spans a number of topics. For example, you might have a page that outlines a conversation with one of your clients (named Acme) about an enhancement request, which could be tagged: 'enhancement', 'client call' and 'Acme'.

As other pages are added with those same tags, you can now view all enhancement requests, all client conversations, or all content that mentions the Acme company. Classification of content is completely organic and allows you to view related content across a single workspace or the entire enterprise wiki.

Tags may be applied to all content in BrainKeeper's Enterprise Wiki product: pages, workspaces, attachments, blogs, and contacts.

Tag Content Within a Page - A Better Enterprise Wiki Product

For larger pages, BrainKeeper offers a unique tagging innovation: Content Tags.

These tags may be applied to a particular paragraph, list, or any other content within the page. When searching for an Content Tag, clicking the search result takes you right to the spot on the page where the Content Tag was added.

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Find Tagged Content Easily

Try some of the additional tagging features such as Tag Clouds and Advanced Tag Search by signing up for the Free Trial.