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Online Collaboration | Accessibility

Accessibility is critical for online collaboration sucess

Access control is critical to a wiki's success in larger online collaboration environments. BrainKeeper provides several access layers to meet the dynamic needs of your organization.

BrainKeeper is flexible with varying levels of accessibility:
  • Company Administrator - Power web collaboration software users who control access and company-wide settings for your wiki.
  • Workspace Administrator - Responsible for Workspace settings and access.
  • User Account - These are full-featured accounts with view and edit permission for all company-wide Workspaces. User accounts must be explicitly granted access to restricted Workspaces.
  • Guest Account - Read-only accounts that must be given access to view any workspace. Guests are perfect for online collaboration with clients and partners.

The BrainKeeper Accessibility Spectrum for Online Collaboration

Real-time Online Collaboration

Share information with your clients without adding to their inbox clutter. Workspaces may be shared with read-only Guest Accounts for fast, simple web collaboration software.