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Team Collaboration Alerts

Efficient Team Collaboration with Alerts

BrainKeeper helps improve team collaboration with email and RSS alerts for modified content. RSS is a standard for syndicating information over the web.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS is quickly becoming the standard for information publication. It lets websites inform their readers, or other websites, of new and updated content. BrainKeeper uses RSS as a simple way to integrate wiki updates with your other news into a single feed of information.

BrainKeeper Syndication

BrainKeeper publishes many different RSS feeds. RSS feeds allow feed "readers" to keep track of new and updated content on any pages, workspaces, blogs, or contacts that you choose. You can have it delivered to you so that you don't even have to login and check the system.

BrainKeeper's RSS feeds alert you to ...
  • New and updated pages in starred workspaces
  • New and modified content on starred pages
  • Changes made by your starred contacts
  • New and updated posts to starred blogs
  • New comments that have been added to starred blog posts

Email is always an option if you prefer it over RSS. RSS is still not widely adopted, so everything you can get through RSS feeds can also be emailed to you.

Integrate BrainKeeper for Total Team Collaboration

A large number of RSS aware applications are emerging, and BrainKeeper can integrate with them.

Because so many tools consume RSS, it's the logical way to integrate BrainKeeper with the rest of your infrastructure. Improve your team collaboration by sending highly relevant information to them, right when they need it.