BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software


Find knowledgebase content, fast

Our enterprise-class search engine can find what you need- no matter where it exists in your BrainKeeper knowledgebase.

Find It. Now.

Everything in your knowledgebase is discovered by the indexing engine. Everything. Pages, notes, attachments, personal profiles and blogs. If it's in BrainKeeper, you can search for it, and you can find it- fast.

Toggle among content types effortlessly with the intutive search interface.

A Complete Search Engine

Yes- we said attachments! Our indexing engine will even look inside the files you attach to your knowledgebase: so whether the information you are looking for is sitting on a page, or buried deep inside an attached PDF, BrainKeeper will find it for you.

Search the contents of:
  • Word, PDF and RTF documents (including new MS Office 2007 files)
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Most other text-based files

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Powerfully Simple

The simple search interface gives you the power to find what you need in your knowledgebase, faster.

An example might be that you know you're looking for an attachment in the Marketing workspace, and was added in the last week- but you aren't exactly sure where it is:

Search the Marketing workspace and the date it was last modified. With a few clicks and you can narrow the search down to exactly what you are looking for.