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BrainKeeper Workspaces

Many organizations are too complex for just one wiki or knowledge software, which is why each team needs its own space. BrainKeeper offers "Workspaces", or multiple independently managed wikis, as part of your site.

Knowledge Software That Lets You Grow

Build Knowledge Software with Workspaces

We don't limit the number of Workspaces or amount of content. A Workspace is where your Pages live and knowledge is captured. Permissions determine who can read or change content in a Workspace.

To organize knowledge across teams (a new product release, for example), simply create a new Workspace.

You can also create your own personal knowledge software with unlimited 'Personal' Workspaces.

Work With Your Knowledge on Your Terms

All Workspaces live within your single BrainKeeper wiki, creating a widely accessible and highly relevant knowledge.

Anyone with permission can quickly access a view of all the content in the wiki software via the workspace dashboards.

Get the information you care about:
  • Content is easily linked across Workspaces for easy retrieval.
  • Locate any information anywhere by searching across any Workspace or across the entire wiki knowledge software.
  • Subscribe to a Workspace and be alerted to changes as they happen.
  • Export a Workspace to store your content on-site, or download it for offline reading and review.