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BrainKeeper's Wiki Intranet Portal

View a quick summary of changes across everything that you have starred in your BrainKeeper site with this intranet portal.

Dashboard - Your Intranet Portal

My BrainKeeper Dashboard - A Wiki Intranet Portal

Your My BrainKeeper Dashboard gives you an overview of all pages, attachments, blogs, and notes that have been added or updated in the past week. At a glance, you can quickly see changes to your starred pages and workspaces, as well as anything that was created or modified by your starred contacts.

Just like the intranet portals that you’re used to, you have quick access to the information that is relevant to you, as well as some oversight to areas of your BrainKeeper site that you are responsible for. You can see whenever a change is made to a page you manage, so you can ensure accuracy and thorough information is entered.

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