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Custom Fields

Defined your own classification system

Every company classifies and labels content differently in their own information management system. So, we give you the ability to bring your organization's "glossary" into the BrainKeeper system.

A more complete information management system


You can create custom data entry fields, per workspace or site-wide, that will be available on every page in that workspace. Match whatever your needs are by creating custom dropdown menu or plain text entries- both are available to you.

For example, say that your Customer Service Department creates a workspace to store information about common customer problems. Each page in the workspace can contain a dropdown menu with options that match how your company views severity (Critical, Severe, Moderate, etc.)

By matching the language your company already uses, you are assured that everyone understands what is being asked, and you ensure that this information is captured. It's quicker and easier than a template, and gives you more control over the information being entered into the information management system.

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And It's Searchable!

Our Advanced Search allows you to search your custom fields, so you can quickly find information that might have been difficult to locate otherwise.

Easy to Manage

The management of your custom fields is quick and painless. Our management tool is highly interactive and streamlined to make certain that you can work with your custom fields easily.