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Discuss and Answer Questions with Forum Software

Forum software is essential to enterprise collaboration. They get your organization engaged in discussions to help make better, quicker decisions. By giving everyone a platform to express thoughts, opinions and ideas, you can take full advantage of your most important asset: your people.

Get Everyone Involved

Using email for discussions simply doesn't work. You can participate only if you are included, replies get confusing as separate conversations break out, and it can be hard to see who is replying to your comments.

Forum software solves all of these problems, and many more. With BrainKeeper's forum software, anyone can contribute at any time, conversations are clearly separated, and they are easy to follow.

Get Instant Answers to Your Questions

In addition to discussion Forums, BrainKeeper offers a unique "Question and Answer" Forum where anyone can ask a question, and then mark the answer. No sorting through dozens of replies- your answers are at your fingertips!

Engage your employees with Discussion Forum Software

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Integrated Forum Software – A Complete Enterprise Collaboration Solution

Forums are integrated in your BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki, so you have all of the same great features available throughout our enterprise collaboration software:

  • Linking - Create links to your wiki pages and blogs with a single click.
  • Search - Quickly find answers by searching all Forums, Threads and Replies.
  • Tagging - You can tag all Forums, Threads and Replies with the same tags used throughout BrainKeeper.
  • Notification - You can star any Forum or Thread to get the very latest updates to a particular question or discussion that you are interested in.
  • Permissions - Make your Forum as private or open as you need it to be.