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Integrated Blogs

With integrated Blogs, our enterprise collaboration software allows you to communicate your most important thoughts and ideas. Keep your entire organization current with recent news, changes to your market, or competitive information- all within a enterprise collaboration software solution.

Blogs give you more than "what happened"- they tell you why you should care.

Get Everyone Involved

Blogs are an excellent way to get everyone in your company thinking about a specific topic or idea. Simply write a post, and you can receive comments and feedback from anyone with something to contribute. Investigate a new strategy, communicate internal initiatives, or just get perspective from across your organization on any topic you want.

Advertise Your Thought Leadership

If you have shared Workspaces with your clients, vendors, or partners, you can use Blogs as a way to demonstrate your thought leadership in your market. These organizations value your expertise and insight- create a dialogue and engage them with BrainKeeper Blogs.

Blogs are fundamental to enterprise collaboration software

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Integrated Blogs – Complete Enterprise Collaboration Software

Blogs are fully integrated in your BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki, so you have all of the same easy and intuitive features within our enterprise collaboration software:

  • Linking - Create links to your wiki pages with a single click.
  • Search - A necessity for enterprise collaboration, search within all Blog Posts and comments.
  • Tagging - All Blogs and Blog Posts can be tagged with the same tags that you use throughout BrainKeeper.
  • Notification - You can star any Blog or Blog Post to get the very latest updates to a particular topic or discussion that you are interested in.
  • Workflow - For the most sensitive topics, you can configure a Blog so that any new or updated Blog Post will require approval before it will be published.
  • Permissions - Make your Blog as private or open as you need it to be.
  • Export - Export a Blog to store your content on-site, or download it for offline reading and review.