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Use Controlled Document Software

Document control software is easy with BrainKeeper. Attachments are not simply uploaded and forgotten files. They're a powerful part of sharing information - versioned, linkable and searchable, providing more document control.

Document Control Software | Attach with Ease

BrainKeeper allows you to quickly and simply attach files to any page. All attachments are fully versioned, with descriptions by their author - allowing you to understand when files were attached and for what purpose.

Attached files are easily downloadable and can be linked like any other page in your BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki. Attached images can be resized with one mouse click to ensure that your pages always look great.

No More Shared Drives

Shared drives don't allow you to easily find what you need. Almost without exception, they turn into an unusable matrix of folders and files named specification.doc, specification-v2.doc, specification-17Nov04.doc, specification-b2.doc and so on.

BrainKeeper provides a true solution to this problem with wiki-based document control software. Besides organizing your attachments logically, versioning them and providing an author history, BrainKeeper makes them searchable!

Our engine will search the full content of:
  • Word, PDF and RTF documents (including new MS Office 2007 files)
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Most any other text-based files

...all within the same simple search interface as your pages and blogs.

Document Control Software with Robust Versioning

BrainKeeper automatically keeps older versions of the files you attach to your pages. At any time, you can view the history of an attached file to see when changes have been made. With a single click, you can download any previous version of an attachment that you may need.

Robust Attachment History