BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software


Personalization leads to creative collaboration

Quickly and easily customize features within BrainKeeper, giving you control while allowing more creative collaboration.

Show Me What Matters


We have created several groupings of quick links to help you get to the information that interests you the most. You can chose to hide or show any of these:

1. "Starred" Workspaces/Blogs

"Starred" items are bookmarks that also notify you with updates. We give you constant access to all of your starred workspaces, blogs and pages to help you find and access them quickly.

2. Recent Changes to Starred Content

To ensure that you are always up to date, we show you which pages, workspaces and blogs have been recently changed.

3. My Contacts

You can "star" contacts as well. BrainKeeper gives you a view of all your starred contacts for quick identification and action.

4. Recent Searches

View a list of your most recent searches, which can help you get back to search results very quickly. BrainKeeper takes care of the simple tasks to allow you to focus on creative collaboration.

More on Creative Collaboration.

One-click Configuration

With a single click, you can customize BrainKeeper to work the way you want it to. Configure these features: