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Worksheets - NEW!

Track Projects with Worksheets Worksheets give you project management features that make it easy to get things done. With Worksheets, you can manage projects, assign due dates, and identify next steps. You can also manage your lists of clients, ideas, or corporate skills.

Worksheets are comletely integrated with your BrainKeeper site, so you can use your Wiki to generate and refine ideas- and Worksheets to get things done.

Spend your time working on a project- not managing it.

Enhance Project Collaboration with Worksheets

Simple, Powerful Integration

Worksheets have been integrated into BrainKeeper in number of key ways:

  • Unlimited Worksheets can created and updated directly within your BrainKeeper wiki
  • The same permissioning is applied to your Worksheets as Pages in your Workspaces
  • Find Worksheet content from a single, integrated search
  • Assign tasks to anyone in your BrainKeeper wiki
  • Store Worksheets anywhere in your Workspace hierarchy

What are Worksheets for?

Worksheets allow you to easily keep track of anything, and help you:

  • Integrate Information - By combining the BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki with the collaborative task management of Worksheets, you have a single place to view and manage both projects and the knowledge needed to deliver them.

  • Manage Tasks - You can assign any task to anyone in your BrainKeeper Wiki. You can keep everyone accountable while being able to focus on getting things done.

  • Keep Updated - Real-time updates allow your team to collaborate online whenever needed, and not just when an Excel file is free.

  • Share Information - Just as our Wiki helps you share and collaborate about ideas, plans, and other corporate knowledge- Worksheets help you share lists, catalogs, or project tasks.