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Corporate Branding

We bring you the business wiki

Customized Logo

Basic branding of your BrainKeeper wiki is easy. Just upload a custom logo, and BrainKeeper will replace the standard wiki logo with your business’s design.

Match Your Corporate Colors

The color scheme of your business wiki may be quickly customized with our simple color control settings. Out of the box, you can match your corporate colors in less than a minute.

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Use CSS for a Fully Customized Business Wiki

Unleash the power of your in-house designers with fully configurable CSS. BrainKeeper’s plugable CSS architecture allows full control over colors, images and icons. You can match your existing online presence to make BrainKeeper look and feel like a part of your existing systems.

Complete Corporate Branding for your Business Wiki

For design and implementation support, contact our sales department for more information and consulting options.