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Organize Your Wiki Content

If associates, partners, or colleagues cannot find the information they need, then it might as well not exist. BrainKeeper offers business software with organizational features that will ensure that you can locate everything you need.

Three Ways to Find What You are Looking for

Quality Business Software with Organization

Making it easy to find answers means that you're not sifting through a web of pages. Our business software is much more than set of linked pages:

1. Hierarchy

Organize your site into workspaces by building hierarchies of pages. By categorizing pages into parents and children, you can naturally group together similar pages. Our powerful business software even lets you view an entire workspace as a tree.

2. Chronology

One of the most important things to know is what has changed since you last visited the site. BrainKeeper tells you everything that has changed recently - pages, notes, attachments - either across a whole workspace, for a particular contact, or for each individual page.

3. Search

Regardless of how you organize content, you can always search for what you need!

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Powerful Business Software To Keep You Organized

We believe your content should never get lost, which is why:
  • BrainKeeper always maintains links, even when you rename or move a page
  • BrainKeeper indexes everything, and loses nothing
  • Keeping your BrainKeeper site organized is almost no effort at all
  • Simple search interface similar to business software that you have used

By design, BrainKeeper business software actively encourages you to build a powerful, navigable store for your knowledge.