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BrainKeeper API / Single Sign-On

BrainKeeper, The Hosted Wiki

If you have an established knowledgebase or knowledge management system where information is entered and maintained, the BrainKeeper API gives you a way to bring BrainKeeper's hosted wiki into those systems, and also adds the flexibility to transition a large team to BrainKeeper over time.

Pull Content Out of BrainKeeper

The BrainKeeper API can be used to pull page and workspace content out of your hosted wiki and into other systems. You can export content into existing knowledgebases or knowledge repositories, create custom backup systems, or download pages for offline review.

Getting set up with the BrainKeeper API is quick and easy. We provide examples and all the documentation you will need to get up and running quickly.

The BrainKeeper API for your Knowledgebase

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Integrate BrainKeeper's Hosted Wiki

You can even integrate BrainKeeper into corporate portals! We provide a search API feature that gives you yet another way to search your hosted wiki quickly.

By creating a simple keyword search box in any intranet or custom web page you already have, you can tap into BrainKeeper's enterprise-class Search Engine and easily find information quicker than you can with any other hosted wiki provider.

Single Sign-On

With a simple integration, you can tap into your Active Directory or LDAP service and use your personal username and password to automatically log you into your BrainKeeper site. This gives you one less password to remember, and you get access to your most critical knowledge even faster.

The hosted wiki brings single-sign-on to your knowledgebase

*Single Sign-On may require third party software and/or IT resources depending on your intranet configuration.