BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software

Reliability Promise

Your wiki will quickly become a mission-critical tool, so we give you the confidence that BrainKeeper will keep your data safe and your wiki running strong.

Redundancy methods are employed throughout our system. Our servers are built, configured and maintained by the best IT staff in the business. Every essential component within our servers has a redundant fail-over, including our RAID disks, power sources, and network connectivity. In the event of a catastrophic failure, we can have BrainKeeper back up in just a few hours- and our backup process ensures that we can restore your wiki to within minutes of any event.

BrainKeeper provides real-time backups, which means that we can restore your wiki to a point within minutes of a given time. Our backups are securely stored on-site and off-site, and are written to uncorruptable media to ensure that we will have what you need. Our backups are also cumulative, so you will have the content from the first version of your first wiki page 10 years later.

Workspace Administrators can also export an entire Workspace on-demand for a local backup, or the BrainKeeper API can be used to automate this process.

The entire BrainKeeper infrastructure is continuously monitored for performance, potential failures, and general system health. Monitoring is done on-site as well as through an independent vendor so that we are sure to be notified of anything that we need to act on. Alerts are sent to our IT staff and Customer Support personnel, so there will always be someone to keep you informed as we diagnose and address any issue.

BrainKeeper monitors and measures a wide array of metrics to determine when infrastructure upgrades are required. Our architecture allows us to add expansion nodes quickly and easily if any of the benchmark thresholds are passed. Our aim is to continually stay one step ahead of any future issue that could impact your use of BrainKeeper.

Our staff follow procedures and methods that are often a step beyond industry best practices, we can ensure that our disaster recovery, data restoration, and issue resolution happens quickly and effectively. These procedures are audited for completeness and accuracy, and are practiced regularly.