BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software

Availability & Upgrades

We guarantee our system uptime and the deployment of any upgrades to your wiki are fully automatic. We also do everything we can to make sure you know when downtime will be, and what great new features are released.

Uptime Guarantee
We understand that you need your wiki to be available whenever you need it, so we guarantee a 99.9% uptime for your BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki. Most months exceed this guarantee- it just depends on how much downtime is required to deploy the enhancements we have developed for you.

Automatic Upgrades
When new features are released, your BrainKeeper Wiki will be upgraded for you automatically. Every new feature is available for you immediately, without you having to do anything. We release enhancements every few weeks, with new major features every few months or so- but not all releases require downtime.

You can view a comprehensive list of the new features we release by clicking the 'Whats New' link in the header of your BrainKeeper Wiki.

We will use a number of methods to make sure you know when downtime is coming. We may put a banner up in the system to let you know when the downtime is coming, or we may post something in the 'Whats New' section. We typically do our new feature releases after hours on the weekend, but we give plenty of notice in case you are online when an upgrade happens and we need to have a few minutes of downtime.