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What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a type of social software that makes it easy to centralize information online. Anyone can contribute to the wiki, so everyone gets immediate access to information about projects, policies, ideas and news.

What is an Enterprise Wiki?
Enterprise Wikis add features that buisnesses need to work more efficiently. A simple interface, document management, alerts, and other web 2.0 capabilities are all core to an Enterprise Wiki.
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How can an Enterprise Wiki help my organization?
Business Problem BrainKeeper Solution
Turnover results in lost knowledge Our intuitive interface allows anyone to contribute key knowledge, so you never lose any critical information.
You rely on email to keep everyone informed You can't share email, so critical answers are trapped in your Inbox. Make these answers available to everyone.
Important documents are on people's PCs and shared drives Keep track of the most recent version of all your documents- and search across your entire library!
Having to wait for anwsers to critical questions All of your answers are in a single, searchable system. Everything is up to date, accurate, and relevant because it is constantly updated.
Only a few people have access to update key information (policies, reports, etc.) Never wait for an updated report again! If you have information to share with others, just put it BrainKeeper and it's instantly available.
You need a 10-person meeting to discuss ideas, actions, and strategy Work collaboratively, so that you get the perspective of everyone in the organization- without meetings!
It can take days to collect and combine the data, feedback, and changes that are required for deliverables Build documents collectively in real-time to get them done in just hours
Access to critical information is limited to just your PC BrainKeeper is available anytime, anywhere- all you need is an internet connection and your BrainKeeper login

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