A Complete Knowledgebase That <u>Everyone Can Use</u>

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A Complete Knowledgebase That Everyone Can Use

BrainKeeper is a proven knowledgebase solution with security, support, and tools to capture and share the knowledge within your organization.

BrainKeeper is guaranteed to help your organization work efficiently:
  • Start in minutes- NO setup required
  • Incredibly easy to use- NO training required
  • A central place to share emails, documents, ideas and opinions
  • 1 Terabyte of storage space to share text, images or video
BrainKeeper is perfect for any organization that needs:
  • An application that is very easy to use
  • A complete solution with Blogs, Forums, Alerts, and much more!
  • A policy library, best practices center, or an interactive FAQ
  • Project management to keep everyone organized and on track

Thousands of professionals from dozens of industries have found success with BrainKeeper. We will help you share knowledge better- guaranteed!

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Testimonials / Reviews

"Wikipedia for your business
...organize the vast amount of knowledge within your business."
The Miami Herald

Forrester recognizes BrainKeeper for our collaborative technology.

"BrainKeeper directs companies in creating a wiki that will encourage knowledge sharing"
CIO Magazine

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