Collaboration for Your Entire Organization

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Collaboration for Your Entire Organization

End your reliance on email and shared drives!  BrainKeeper is guaranteed to provide more effective, efficient collaboration across your organization.

BrainKeeper is proven to help your organization collaborate better:
  • Start in minutes- NO setup required
  • Incredibly easy to use- NO training required
  • A complete solution with Blogs, Forums, Alerts, and much more!
  • 1 Terabyte of storage space to share text, images or video
BrainKeeper is perfect for any organization that needs:
  • An application that is very easy to use
  • A way to engage employees, partners, and clients
  • A central place to share emails, documents, reports, ideas and opinions
  • Project management to keep everyone organized and on track

Thousands of professionals from dozens of industries have found success with BrainKeeper. We will help you collaborate better- guaranteed!

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Testimonials / Reviews

"Wikipedia for your business
...organize the vast amount of knowledge within your business."
The Miami Herald

Forrester recognizes BrainKeeper for our collaborative technology.

"BrainKeeper directs companies in creating a wiki that will encourage knowledge sharing"
CIO Magazine

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