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Corporate Blogging Software

The Corporate Blogging Solution

Allow members of your organization to Blog more affectively.

BrainKeeper's Enterprise Blog+Wiki Software provides a centralized blogging platform that everyone in your company can use to share their areas of expertise. We provide a whole host of features to make it incredibly easy to get information into the system, find the relevant information you need, and notify the right people when essential information is added.

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Use BrainKeeper to:

  • Create a complete knowledge base organically
  • Unlock information trapped in email
  • Answer questions more quickly and accurately than before
  • Implement a Knowlege Management tool that everyone can use
  • Web Collaboration Solutions

Enhance your ability to capture key knowledge with unique features:

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Testimonials / Reviews

"Wikipedia for your business
...organize the vast amount of knowledge within your business."
The Miami Herald

Forrester recognizes BrainKeeper for our collaborative technology.

"BrainKeeper directs companies in creating a wiki that will encourage knowledge sharing"
CIO Magazine

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