BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software

What Makes BrainKeeper Different?

The BrainKeeper Enterprise Wiki is a different kind of product, developed by a different kind of company. We have embedded our core values into our solution- which you will see from the moment you login.

It's the Little Things That Matter

Every BrainKeeper feature is designed with great attention to detail. We don't release a feature until it has been well thought out and is intuitive and easy to use. We also guarantee that there will be value in everything we build.

New Features in Weeks, Not Years

Traditional software companies have very long product development cycles, and they hold back completed enhancements to make a big splash in the market. BrainKeeper is different. We pay close attention to the suggestions of our clients, and when a requested feature is complete, we release it.

Expertise in Enterprise Collaboration

The careers of the BrainKeeper team have been devoted to creating information delivery systems, and our product shows it. We have solved communication issues in a number of organizations, departments, and teams- which gave us the foundation for the features in the BrainKeeper system.


We will inform you of things most other software companies do not. We will publish descriptions of new features that we are working on, defects that are reported, and always respond to customer feedback. These are some of the ways that we use to earn your trust.

Customer Service

Customer Service is incredibly important to us- so we built our support system directly into our product! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to give us feedback, report problems, or ask questions.