BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software

What Makes BrainKeeper Different?

Traditional Wikis simply do not succeed when used by business teams and corporations. Corporate information requires more structure and standardization in an integrated tool. BrainKeeper offers the solution!

Enterprise Search

The ability to find the answers to your questions is critical to the success of a corporate wiki. BrainKeeper has an enterprise-class search engine that searches all text, tags, and attachments that are within your site. You will never lose anything ever again.

As Easy as Email

Most wikis require you to write code to contribute. BrainKeeper requires no technical knowledge! If you can write an email, you can use BrainKeeper to its fullest capacity. Also, we have one of the most powerful content editors of any wiki system- our formatting and MS Word® conversion are excellent.

No More Orphaned Pages

In traditional wikis, page links drive your navigation. Unfortunately, when a page name is changed, all links to that page are broken- including external links to that page. That page becomes 'orphaned'- a single, disjointed page. When you create a page in BrainKeeper, the link to that page exists forever.

An Embedded Tool

The last thing you need is yet another tool to distract you from getting your work done. Traditional wikis are not integrated with your business- they are outposts of information. BrainKeeper has dedicated features, like Content Workflow and Single Sign-On, to make sure we fit into how you work today.

Powerful, Easy Classification

Classifying your content gives it context, and helps you judge its relevance and value. Custom Fields allow you to embed form fields to assign specific values to a page. Tags can be applied to an entire page, or just a paragraph. These features are unique to BrainKeeper- and set us apart from other wikis.