BrainKeeper - Enterprise Collaboration Software

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrainKeeper?
BrainKeeper is an enterprise collaboration tool that is designed to help effectively communicate with the individuals, teams, and departments in your company. BrainKeeper provides everyone in your company with an intuitive, secure system that facilitates the capture of essential company knowledge in the form of pages of text organized into workspaces, images, attachments, and comments that can be easily retrieved with a powerful search engine.

BrainKeeper will ensure your most important company knowledge is thoroughly captured, easily found, and distributed to exactly the right people.
Who can use BrainKeeper?
BrainKeeper is built to be effectively used by small teams, full departments, or an entire enterprise. Anyone who needs to easily gain access to the knowledge of others in their company will benefit from using BrainKeeper.
Do you really offer unlimited pages, workspaces, attachments and terabyte storage?
Absolutely. We want you to be able to find everything you need in BrainKeeper- there is no reason to have one place to store large files and another to store smaller ones. BrainKeeper is a central knowledge repository and our terabyte storage policy shows our dedication to that vision.
Are free trials available?
Absolutely! You can sign up for a trial account in less than a minute and see everything that BrainKeeper has to offer. A trial account includes three user accounts and attachments under 5MB. You can upgrade to a full subscription at any time.
No credit card information is required for the free trial. Create a trial account now.
What can I use BrainKeeper for?
Some popular BrainKeeper uses include: customer service knowledgebases, creating marketing campaigns, managing corporate policies, managing software development projects, consulting or professional services projects, team / department communication, developing strategic plans, documenting product information, employee directory and coordinating outsourcing projects.
What is different about BrainKeeper?
Our world-class interface, robust search engine, attention to detail and comprehensive set of features all put BrainKeeper ahead of the competition. Learn more about what makes us different.
Why should I purchase BrainKeeper?
Knowledge retention, ability to answer questions quickly and accurately, and targeted distribution of information to reduce office spam are just a few of the ways that BrainKeeper pays for itself. Learn more about why BrainKeeper is a smart purchase for any business.
Do I need to install anything on my computer to use BrainKeeper?
No, all you need is a web browser (like Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Firefox), and you will have access to the entire BrainKeeper system. See how easy it is to get started with a free trial.

BrainKeeper officially supports the following web browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 and newer
  • Netscape 7.1 and newer
  • Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and newer
You say you operate on a standard J2EE platform. Why do your pages have a .php extension?
For added security, we hide the exact technology we are using to run the BrainKeeper system. We have configured our application to display the .php extension, but we do indeed use a J2EE platform.
How do you make sure my information is secure?
We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your information. Numerous layers of security, both hardware and software, are built into the underlying architecture of the BrainKeeper system. Learn more about our security package.

We also ensure that the information you provide us with is used appropriately. For more information about this, please review our Privacy Policy.
Can I install BrainKeeper on my computer or company servers?
Not at this time. BrainKeeper is delivered solely through the web.

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